Google To Add Captions in Image Search Results | Title Tags Important

Google To Add Captions to Image Search Results | Title Tags Important

After the Zero Results experiment which Google ran for a whole week before taking it back, Now, Google will be adding title tags to Images in the image search results.

Google, which is working hard towards providing better than best experience to the user will now be seen including captions to the images.

If you are an SEO, your evil SEO mind would have already started off thinking about the ways in which you can optimize your images for this update, just like my mind did.

The captions which will be shown under each image will be extracted from the title tag provided for that image. So, it’s time to add those title tags to all of your images for which you have ignored before.

Even if you have already added title tags, but have not optimized them, this could be a great reason and time to optimize all of those title tags.

According to Google, including captions for images will give a user an idea of what an image is about, which again depends on the title tag.

As of now, Google has not yet provided any information on the character limits, but according to the image below, looks like the image caption might have a limit of not more than 35 characters.

The Image Captions are expected to roll out this week in the Google Search App for Android and IOS as well as on mobile browser search. As far as Desktop’s search results are concerned, I don’t think this particular update would be rolled out to Desktop searches. Its Mobile First Index World, after all, isn’t it? And we all know how Google loves mobiles and mobile searches.

So, let me know what you think of this update, and how this update affects your SEO strategies (if it does at all) in the comments. Also, join the “Master Digital Marketing Group” for latest updates on Digital Marketing and to learn Digital Marketing.

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